CFL Betting

CFL Betting in Canada

Here at Best Sportsbooks Canada we will provide you with the most comprehensive Canadian Football League (CFL) predictions, picks and odds, as well as all the other information for your CFL betting needs.

CFL Predictions

Since the CFL only has nine teams, it’s easier to make predictions than with the other football leagues. There is simply less data to crunch, so our CFL betting experts can go into the statistics, current form, past history, head to head records, home and away records, venue history and team news with much more detail than with other, bigger leagues. After gathering all the information and analyzing it, our CFL tipsters write their weekly and daily picks with CFL predictions for every game during the season and the postseason. Winners are predicted for all the rounds, as well as the number of wins for each team at the end of the season. Futures predictions are also made about which teams will be in the semi-finals and finals of the conferences and which will end up fighting for the title in the Grey Cup. As the season rolls on, these CFL bet predictions are bound to change especially with team injuries and other unforeseen circumstances, so make sure you check our updates regularly. With changed predictions come changed CFL odds so always look out for the best odds for the wager you want to place. We will update our odds comparisons from the best sportsbooks on a daily basis ahead of all the games.

Best CFL Sportsbooks

While NFL betting is already established on a vast majority of sportsbooks, CFL betting is also getting there and is now featured on all the most popular betting sites in North America & Canada. We have reviewed all the bookmakers out there and have listed a few sites that we think have most to offer to Canadian betting customers. We looked at how long the bookmakers have been running, what reputation they have, how safe they are, the payment options when making deposits and withdrawing your winnings as well as whether they accept Canadian dollars and of course what they have in terms of sign-up offers and free bets. The best sites for CFL betting, based on our research, are bet365, Pinnacle Sports, Bwin,, William Hill and SportingBet.  bet365 is the best all around sportsbook with great customer service, fast payouts, the biggest variety of CFL props betting but what sets it apart from every other sportsbook is the live streaming feature. Pinnacle is a great sportsbook for professional high staking gamblers because it has the highest sports betting limits. William Hill is one of the most established bookmakers in the world and has a great live betting platform. SportingBet, Bwin and all have great welcome offers for potential Canadian customers where they double their deposit on sign-up, a 100% bonus of anything up to $50 which gets added to your account immediately. Bwin has one of the best mobile sportsbooks if you can’t bet on your computer. All these top bookmakers accept the most popular methods of payment when you make your bets.

Live Betting

To add more betting markets and offers on their sites, bookmakers introduced a live betting service or known by its other name, “in-play” betting. You can still place wagers ahead of the game kick-off but with live betting you can also place bets as the game progresses, all the way until the final whistle. What’s interesting about this kind of betting is that odds keep changing constantly throughout the match and you have to be an experienced player to predict what will happen next. And when we say “what happens next” we mean just that as one of the more popular CFL prop bets is where you can bet on what will happen in the next five minutes, or indeed what won’t happen. A touchdown, or maybe not? How does live betting work? Sites that feature live CFL betting will have a single menu option dedicated to in-play betting and it will normally be displayed as “Live in-play”. Click on that and you’ll see a list of all the matches currently playing.  And most sports are featured, including Canadian football. Once you get on the list, you find the CFL league matches and choose the one you want to bet on. You will have access to play-by-play updates, live statistics and a selection of betting markets available for that match. This will include CFL odds on normal markets such as Moneylines, totals or point spreads, but will also include scores by the half, number of touchdowns, interceptions, sacks and other prop bets. Odds will be updated for the duration of the match.

Live Streaming

After live sports betting was introduced on sportsbook sites, live streaming of matches was the next logical step. While live betting was adopted by most bookmakers, especially the most popular ones, live streaming is yet to be available readily for a lot of sports and is currently only available on the top sportsbook sites. Live streaming of CFL games is at the moment only available at the bet365 betting site where they are streaming live all the CFL matches during the season and in the postseason. A few other big bookmakers like William Hill are only periodically showing some major games like the Grey Cup for instance. All you have to do for you to have access to live streaming is to register at bet365 and pay a deposit of $5 minimum. So, how does live streaming work? Once you register, all you have to do is click on Live in-play and you’ll see a list of available matches for live betting and live streaming. On your screen, you’ll be able to watch the game live, follow statistics and of course the odds on betting markets provided for any particular matchup, in this case a CFL game. The game overview includes a play-by-play graphic display, audio commentary and a selection of betting markets. Normally, apart from the usual Moneylines, spread and totals you will see an offer of various prop betting items such as half time scores, game predictions for different periods in the game, number of touchdowns and so on.