NFL Betting reviews the leading sportsbooks in Canada many of which provide NFL betting. We also give you detailed information and stats about the teams which have best offers and odds, the latest NFL promotions, betting options and more.

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NFL Predictions

Once the deadline for signing those big franchise contracts passes and all the free agents get signed, we will have a better picture or where every team stands for the new season. So far, plenty of tipsters have made NFL predictions, however, with Week One a month and a half away and the pre-season games, a lot could change.
One thing is for sure, the New England Patriots are again favorites to go all the way and take the Lombardi trophy.

Quarterback Tom Brady will want to add one more notch on that belt. Still, Philadelphia Eagles fans would remind us that the Patriots were favorites last year as well. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles are predicted as the top contenders to stop New England and win themselves.
Some predict the the Minnesota Vikings won’t have such a good season as last year, as they have been hot and cold over the years. The LA Rams started badly last year but some experts predict they could go all the way if they start better this year. Every team knows that to win the title, at some point they will have to beat the New England Patriots as they are almost sure to be in the top four teams this season as well.

NFL Odds

Most people place NFL bets on straight up winners through the ‘Money Lines’, Total Points ‘Over / Unders’ or they often play on the spread which is a form of handicap betting.
Others like the so-called prop betting (short for Proposition) where you can place bets on almost anything you want. It’s still early but there are already NFL odds on how many wins teams will get in the regular season as well as all the Week One game’s odds.
For example, Aaron Rodgers the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is a strong favourite to win the title of ‘MVP’ (Most Valuable Player) for the 2018/19 season. You can also bet on the offensive ‘Rookie of the Year’ and the Defensive Rookie, who will score the most touchdowns, who will be the first coach to get fired and all sorts of other things.
Then there is Futures betting where you can put money on more long term future results – who’s going to take the NFC Championship or the AFC Championship, who will be in the playoffs and ultimately who will win the Super Bowl and take the title. You have probably guessed correctly that the New England Patriots are favourites again at around +500.

NFL Lines

In terms of NFL lines, they will be available for the Super Bowl of course and all of the regular season and playoff games. There will be Money Lines (straight up winner) and also ‘Points Spread’ lines where a virtual head start is given to the underdog which makes the NFL betting odds more even where there is a hot favorite. There are also NFL lines given to the ‘Total Points’ scored by both teams where the bettor choses to bet Over or Under a particular total set by the bookies.
Most NFL betting experts predict the Pittsburgh Steelers as prime contenders for the Super Bowl this year. Their Super Bowl odds are currently at +1000 but Champions Philadelphia Eagles won the 52nd Super Bowl by beating the Patriots so they might have something to say about that!. The Eagles are +1200 to win it again.
While some NFL lines have the Eagles as second favorites, most favor the Pittsburgh Steelers. Other teams have similar odds but most are considered as outside bets to win the title. These include the Minnesota Vikings who were disappointed not to go further last year, the LA Rams who surprised most fans and the Green Bay Packers who will look to make up for losing Aaron Rodgers last time around.
If you look at the Money Lines for Week 1 of the season in early September, there are some close matchups at -100 or -150 odds for the favorites but also -700 for the Patriots opening game against the Texans. The lines differ from site to site. Be aware that, come beginning of the season, these lines might change as more information about the teams comes in. Starting quarterbacks will often have a very noticeable effect on the NFL odds.

NFL Picks

At the moment there aren’t that many NFL picks which go into detail but there are picks for most wins in the season for all the teams, the NFC and AFC championship winners and the Super Bowl contenders and title winners. As soon as all teams report their final rosters, online sportsbooks will begin with their weekly team picks and start projecting picks for individual player performances.
The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be fighting for the title of AFC champion. While in the NFC, LA Rams, Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers should be fighting it out.
Right now, most agree that the top NFL picks for the season are by far the Patriots, but also some wildcards like the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Aaron Rodgers is considered by many as the top pick for 2018 NFL season MVP (Most Valuable Player).
If you are into ‘prop betting’, predictions will be made on top picks for Rookie of the Year, Offensive and Defensive rookie, ‘Most Touchdowns’, ‘Rushing Yards’, ‘Receiving Yards’, plus throwing and other notable statistics. On the better sites, there will probably be a lot of interesting and unusual picks.