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Sports Interaction Canada Review - Mobile App, Bonus, Sportsbook and Casino

100% bonus of up to $200 on first deposit

A while back, I heard about a Sports Interaction, and was told that they are dedicated to Canadian punters. Let’s get to the reason you landed on this page:

What did I think about this Sportsbook? 

Well, from my experience, they have a great mobile app, good betting odds and betting opportunities that are well worth a Sports Interaction review on their own. You’re in the right place for fining out all you need to know about the famous Sports Interaction.

How is their Promotions compared to other Sportsbooks?

Sports Interaction offers a solid welcome bonus for new players, but they could do with more promos across their wide range of sports and games. However, last I heard, that will most likely come in the near future.

Before I go into more detail, you should know that you can get more information from the sportsbook’s site, as well as send inquiries which should be answered shortly.

So, here are a few of their more prominent bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

William Hill Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is good compared to many bookmakers, I got a 100% matched bonus on $200. Unfortunately, $200 is the limit for this bonus.

Now there is one thing I should bring up, I had to roll over the deposit and bonus 10 times, but it was well worth the time. This welcome bonus is fairly easy to understand, and gives you extra funds to play around with.

There are actually several types of bonus programs they offer; one being more lenient on rollovers than the other.

Let’s highlight this:

You can opt-in for a 10% bonus, and you will only have a 3X rollover, a 15% bonus will get you a 4X rollover, 20% will get you a 5X rollover, and, as I already mentioned, with a 100% bonus you will have a 10X rollover.

When I deposited my money for the first time, the bonus money was automatically deposited into my account. If, due to rollovers, I did not want that bonus, I could have chosen to deactivate it. However, had I deactivated it, I would have had to redeem it within 30 days otherwise I would have lost it.

They do not have the best welcome bonus in the industry, but on the contrary, they have one feature in that welcome bonus that other bookies can’t compete with. Let’s say you want to save that sweet bonus money for a wagering opportunity with higher potential, Sports Interaction allows you to defer the bonus activation until then. That’s pretty helpful in my opinion.

It’s also important to know that Sports Interaction offers different welcome bonuses based on the different games that you are betting on. Apparently, Sports Interaction decided that since each game has a different set of rules, they cannot have the same bonus offers.

For Sports and Poker, the maximum bonus is $200,  and for Casino that max bonus is $100.

These types of promos are common with betting sites, and the max amounts are fair for this type of brand.

Refer-a-friend Bonus

This is easily my favorite. This bonus is worth 20% of you’re friend’s initial deposit on the site, up to a max of $200.

Since Sports Interaction is such a decent sportsbook, you should have no problem finding a few buddies who can make you some extra cash  😉

Hell, I made 600 bucks referring a few friends of mines.

Reload Bonus

This is not advertised on the site, but you have the option to apply for a reload bonus. Basically, you can opt-in to have bonus cash deposited into you’re an account, with a specified rollover. This is pretty cool, because it would give me more money beyond the welcome bonus.

I don’t know if I would opt in for this bonus, but on the other hand, I do know a few punters who have lots of losing streaks, and therefore can benefit from having some extra cash to recover their losses.

You should know that this bonus is only offered to loyal customers who have deposited a significant, though not entirely massive amount of money in the past.

Loyalty Scheme

Currently, Sports Interaction does not offer a loyalty scheme, but I did hear that they will sometime in the near future ( Let’s Hope!!!! )

On the contrary however, I did notice that they send me lots of emails offering bonuses with significantly low rollovers, mentioning that these offers are only given to longtime customers.

Check Out Their Mobile Sportsbook

sports interaction mobile

You may have a hard time believing, but Sports Interaction mobile is one of the main reasons I bet with the brand. They’ve really put a lot of thought into crafting the Sports Interaction app, compatible with most devices.

It’s easy to use, well designed and responsive; my main points when reviewing an app. 

Why do I have such an unusual obsession with their app?

Well, I regularly place bets on my mobile, rather than on the computer, so it’s important that the Sports Interaction app caters to those needs. And, it does it quite well. There are only a few bookmakers who can compete with Sports Interaction mobile. Heck, they even offer two different ways to sign up.


There’s a big banner on the app homepage you click through, or the sidebar displays the option. The process to join the site only took me a couple of minutes, and I did it through the Sports Interaction app.

The sports available on the site are also on the app, with plenty of betting odds highlighted for ease. The betting odds and predictions are displayed in the sidebar, with the NBA, NHL and NFL the primary focus. I found the largest concentration of odds with these sports, but there are plenty others to bet on with the Sports Interaction app.

sports interaction mobile games

The sportsbook is impressive, leaving many betting sites in it’s wake. There are over 200 events to bet on, along with the odds betting predictions and useful stats. I personally enjoyed their mobile racebook, there is just something really amusing about using their app to bet on horses.

Make a long story short, it’s one of the best betting apps I’ve reviewed in a long time.

What About Live Betting?

Of course, live betting is also an option. Like most bookmakers, they’ve invested in in-play betting, in particular, for US sports.

The betting odds cover NFL, NHL, NBA, soccer and about 200 other live events.

sports interaction live betting

The stats are always highlighted on all the major players, which helped me wager on the selection of my choice. If you ever sign up with Sports Interaction, be sure to check out this feature, I sure did make use of it.

Learn More about Live Betting at Sports Interaction

What Sports Can You  Bet On?

As mention above, the sporting events number in their hundreds. I’m quite impressed by the offering in Sports Interaction.

As a big fan of NBA, NHL and NFL, it’s good to see the diverse betting odds available. Live betting is also offered on Sports Interaction; they’re at the top of their game.

 Before going into major detail on few of my favorite sports, let me highlight a massive list of sports you can bet on with them:

  • Golf
  • eSports
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Olympics
  • Hockey
  • Motor Racing
  • Snooker
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Olympics
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis

That’s not all the sports; however, if you can please let me know what I missed so that I could add it to the list.


The NHL is huge at Sports Interaction, and that sees a whole load of punters. There are literally hundreds of betting odds for the NHL.

In addition to the NHL, there are other hockey leagues of course. These include AHL, Olympic Men, IIHF and more. However, I am more a fan of the NHL, like most people.

I personally bet on game with some awesome odds, such as Florida at Boston and Carolina at Pittsburgh. I appreciated the Moneyline odds that they offered. 

sports interaction hockey

In my opinion, their coverage is some of the best in the US.

If you are looking for some great Moneyline and Puckline odds, then well, I’m not sure Sports Interaction offers the absolute best of those odds, but from my experience they are certainly not far off from it.

Horse Racing 

From what I picked up, horse racing is one of the foundations of Sports Interaction. I had a great selection of horse racing betting odds; stretching from US thoroughbred to international horse race meets.

The Triple Crown, Dubai Cup and even Royal Ascot are all eligible for bets, and it’s this sort of offering that tops other betting sites.

One thing I realized is that the there are many options for horseplayers, and that the tracks are divided into four sections, Category A, Category B, Category C and Category D. Lets break down Category A and Category B, which are more relevant.

  1. Category A – This includes most of the major race tracks in the United States. The payouts are capped at $25,000 and the maximum bet allowed is $250. To me it seems like this limitation is only prohibitive for larger players.
  2. Category B – Instead of $25,000 Category B tracks limit payouts at $15,000 with a $200 betting cap.

It’s important that I display this table of payout limits, which can guide you when you are betting with Sports Interaction’s Racebook, so here it is:

horce racing table

As you may already know, the final odds are what determines the payouts in horse racing. Horse racing is pari-mutuel wagering, which means that the runner’s pool size doesn’t matter. What this means is that if you wager $200 on a horse with a 5-1 final odds and you win, you will get 5 times the bet amount plus the original $200 wager.

Now for the important part, how do you place a wager with Sports Interactions Racebook?

Well, it’s pretty simple. To the left of the screen on the Racebook page, you choose the track you want to play. Afterwards, choose the type of bet (ex. Quinella or Trifecta), selecting the horses you want to include in the bet. You click ‘Add a Racecard and enter the bet amount. concluding by placing the bet. You should know that you can’t cancel or change you’re bet once it is made.

sports interaction racebook

Should you have a hard time figuring this our, just give a ring to the Customer Service representatives and they will guide you through it. I honestly did not have a problem helping myself through this.


Though not my favorite, the NFL easily dominates the Sports Interaction charts, on both the site and the Sports Interaction app. In my opinion, there are very few betting sites who offer as good odds as they do for the NFL.

I bet on Tennessee at Kansas City, with the Moneyline odds on Tennessee being 4.65. Similarly, I got Moneyline odds of 4.60 for Buffalo on Buffalo vs Jacksonville.

It’s not just the odds that are great, it’s also the abundance of betting types they offer. Betting on NFL, I have opted in for Total Touchdowns and Teams to Score First Wins.

It’s not just the NFL when it comes to football, but also college football, CFL and Arena League. The events are all listed under the subcategory, so I don’t miss anything.

Sports Interaction NFL

Despite all the good, I still prefer betting with their Racebook. Maybe it’s because I’m a horse racing fan, or it could be because it is simply better in my opinion.


The NBA is another big sport at Sports Interaction, and at least my 2nd or 3rd favorite.

I know I can get a good betting prediction here, along with a full list of games. Honest to God, I don’t know many other betting sites that offer 600 betting odds for basketball, along with options for the NCAA and women’s NCAA. I would list it all, but that would be one massive table  :/

I enjoy betting on Oklahoma City vs LA Clippers on a Winning Margin. In the wager I just made, I got 10.00 odds on Oklahoma City winning 1-2. I also hedged it with a wager on LA Clippers, getting 19.00 odds on them winning 14-16.

NBA sports interaction

They offer enough betting types for the NBA. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Moneyline
  • Winning Margin
  • Odd/Even – First Half Total
  • First Half Over/Under
  • Race To 40 Points
  • Alternate Spread

There are plenty more.


eSports is available for betting at Sports Interaction. League of legends, the video game, is their most popular, but they due have other opportunities eligible for betting.

They have plenty of betting odds for players, with my most desired being First Half Winning and Margin.

I really enjoyed betting on CS:GO, which is becoming a very popular game at Sports Interaction. I just got 2.80 odds on eXtatus, with the odds on AGO being 1.38.

sports interaction esports

It makes a nice change to bet on eSports, and they have more bets than other betting sites.


The cricket international betting odds are well worth a look, with some big rewards to be made.

I recently bet on 1 game, South Africa vs India, for which I got 3.80 odds on a draw. I am not the biggest fan of Cricket betting, so this was the first game I bet on.

sports interaction cricket

Though I don’t have much experience in Cricket betting, I am sure that those who do will take kindly to Sports Interaction’s platform.

Do They Have a Casino?

sports-inter-action-slotsrock-paper-scissors-online-casino-arcade-game sports-interaction-casino-gamessports-interaction poker

For a sportsbook, they have a fairly impressive casino section. I played in it myself, and I really enjoyed playing live with other people. I was particularly fond of the massive options they have for slots.

Of course, they have other games as well, such as table and jackpots.

So lets delve deep into some of the coolest offerings in their casino.

The Slots 

Like I said, there are a ton of slot games to choose from at Sports Interaction. Their app is also user friendly for the slots. Of all the slot games, I really enjoyed the following:

  • Captain Clash – this one is a treasure/pirate based slots theme. It is like a typical slot machine, but the game is meant to look like some kind of treasure map. If you get 3 captain cash faces on a payline, you get $1,000; the maximum you can get is $5,000.

  • Back in Time – This is a dinosaur themed slots game. The credits in this game are dinosaur bones. It is the traditional non-progressive, three-reel setup with 8 winning paylines. However, it has a really cool feature where you can hold as many symbols as you want in order to increase you’re chances of winning in the next spin.
  • Invaders – Like the name somewhat suggests, this is an alien themed slots game. This one is a three-reel, five-line non-progressive game with 20 paylines. The reel-symbols have themes such as flying saucers and a one eyed alien. You’re goal should be to get the “Invade” multiplier which pays like 50 times the win of an active payline. 

Branded Games 

Sports Interaction seems to have a crazy amount of superhero themed branded games. You can play Batman, Superman and more on their casino. I’m not sure, but I think Sports Interaction was the first casino sites in Canada to have superhero based games.

Card Games 

I’m a Blackjack sort of guy, but I really enjoyed playing Texas Hold’Em as well.

Table Games 

When it come to Sports Interaction’s table games, Roulette is definitely the way to go.


Of all their Jackpot games (roughly 10), Jackpot Giant hits hits the cake. There is also Diamond Valley, Wall St Fever and Mega Ball.

Are They Secure?

Sports Interaction is as secure as any major bookmaker out there. I’m not worried about depositing or withdrawing money from the site, especially as they put plenty of work into their privacy guarantees. I didn’t have any problem with them.


Sports Interaction uses Norton Secure Seal from Symantec, which in case you haven’t heard of them they are the leading authority in encryption technology. This basically means you can rest easy when giving you’re money to them.


Sports Interaction and the subsequent Sports Interaction mobile are very reliable. There’s a reason they are favored in Canada… My experience, withdrawals are processed promptly, and I feel safe leaving my money with them.

Customer Support

The customer support at Sports Interaction has clearly been well thought out, compared to other bookmakers. They offer live chat, which is a big plus for this Sports Interaction review. To become a big name in the industry, you need to offer this service, which is why many bookmakers are doing the same thing.

I checked out the facility for this review, and the operators got to me within minutes. They also offer email and phone support, which of course takes a little while longer, but still timely enough. Finally they offer a handy Help page with common questions and answers.

Funding – What Options Do You Have?

neteller paysafecardInstaDebitclick2pay

As one of the biggest betting sites in the US, I wasn’t disappointed when it came to the deposit and withdrawals methods. They accept all major credit and debit cards, along with a few other options.

Below are my 3 favorite betting deposit methods, that Sports Interaction accepts:

  • Ecopayz
  • PaySafeCard
  • Neteller

Here are others that are also good:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Instadebit

However, be aware that they only accept two types of currency; Canadian Dollars and United States Dollars. 

To Conclude..

Well there you have it folks. All in all, my experience at Sports Interaction had been fine so far. I will probably post more pieces on them in the near future, but rest assured that most of the information you need to know is embedded in this review. 

Go ahead and try them out yourself, I’m positive you will find them to be engaging and reliable.