Bet365 Introduces Partial Cash Out


One of the most heartbreaking parts of sports betting is watching the teams you bet on get up early in a game and fail to win or cover the betting line. Many times we have been there where we would like to lock up a bet mid game for insurance but you have to wait until all the dust settles only to be disappointed. Well Bet365 Sportsbook as usual has come up with a nice new innovation to make the betting experience a little more palatable for professionals and casual gamblers alike.

Bet365 has just announced the addition of the partial cash out. For the past year Bet365 has enabled Canadian betting customers to cash out some bets mid parlay or singles if your team was winning the game. The cash out amount was usually less than what you would get if you waited for the game to finish, but was a handy feature. This was especially the case if you had already won a few game on a parlay and only had one last game to go. Well, Bet365 has expanded on this feature to enable you to cash out a partial amount of the bet instead of the whole thing. These are really great innovations as sports betting customers get savvier and more serious about making money via online sports betting.
About Bet365 Canada

Bet365 is currently our top recommended online sportsbook for a number of reasons. They offer great customer support, the best sign up bonus in the business, the best deposit methods and a great winning parlay promotion for Canadian customers. Bet365 has been taking wagers online for close to 20 years and maintain the most reputable sports betting brand in the world.

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