UFC-MMA Betting

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the world’s fastest growing sport and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is now a big rival to boxing in combat sports.

Here at bestsportsbooks.ca we provide all the latest UFC betting tips, opinions and the latest betting lines for all the big UFC events. We will also pinpoint some great sportsbook UFC betting offers.

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UFC Predictions

When it comes to predicting MMA matchups, it really depends on the promotion as to how competitive the fights are and what markets and prop bets are available for us to find a betting edge. But if you’re a combat sports fan, there’s no better feeling than making a UFC prediction and getting it right!

The UFC matchmakers always do a good job of making very even matchups, but we will also be doing our best using our resident UFC betting experts to provide our readers with logical insights into the different fighters, their strengths and weaknesses and how the fight might end. Will the fight go the distance? Will there be a submission victory or is one fighter is a specialist grappler? Do we have a knockout artist on our hands?

Mixed Martial Arts is so interesting because it brings many different forms of unarmed self-defence techniques and pits them against each other. It is our job to know who is good at what and who can enforce their will and skills on their opponent. If you can easily recognise a knockout artist who will have too much power or great timing, or if you know the high level grappler has the edge, your UFC predictions will become much easier.

If the UFC betting odds are both even, which is often the case at the top level of UFC, then you can bet ‘in-play’ as the fight unfolds, before placing your bet at the odds you want.

Best UFC Sportsbooks

UFC bets are available in all the major and many smaller Sportsbook sites in Canada and here at Bestsportsbooks.ca, we like to ensure we recommend the best betting sites for value online.

888sport is one of the easiest sites to navigate for UFC odds and also provides betting lines for other top fight promotions like the Bellator fighting competition. They also provide a section for unconfirmed fights, like Daniel Cormier Vs Brock Lesnar, which does not have a date yet but you can still have a bet on a fight that is likely to happen in late 2018 or early 2019.

Another quality UFC Sportsbook is Sports Interaction, which tends to focus it’s UFC markets on only the biggest feature fights, but you can still get good value prices and a great sign up offer with them. If you use a Sportsbook such as William Hill, they offer a far more comprehensive market for MMA as well as live ‘In-Play’ betting and many different types of MMA prop bets.

Finally, signing up to bet365 will enable you to use one of the world’s most trusted platforms for online betting and they have a huge variety of pre-fight and In-Play UFC / MMA betting markets for Canadian bettors to choose from.

Live Betting

Live UFC betting in Canada can be a fun and exhilarating experience, but it can also take some preparation and skill, so you can react to live events as they are happening. Live ‘In-Play’ betting from the likes of William Hill and bet365 gives you the chance to bet during a UFC or MMA fight, so you can observe what is happening, including the ever-changing live UFC odds and make your betting decision based on what you’re seeing in real time.

When betting in-play on UFC, the markets will suspend and adjust after a significant occurrence in the fight, such as a knockdown or a big takedown by a Jiu-Jitsu submission specialist for example.

In this case, the submission artist will suddenly become a much shorter price In-Play, but if you know that the man taken down has a great ground game and can see out the round without being submitted, you can get some real value from opposing the new market favourite. But, you have to be confident in your knowledge of what is happening to make the most of live betting on UFC.

Live UFC Streaming

Watching UFC live is the best way to get the best out of your In-Play bets on the sport of MMA. The action comes thick and fast, with between 10-15 fights on any given card, so there is plenty of time and opportunity to get a lot of fun from a parlay wager or some single bets. The biggest UFC events are ‘Pay-Per-View’ with all the major providers in Canada.

Other UFC Fight Nights and live fight content can be streamed via UFC Fight Pass, or on TSN or Fox Sports 1. Make sure to check out the latest UFC scheduling for the year ahead, so you can plan your viewing of the fights and be prepared for your pre-event or In-Play betting.